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Stony Brook University

Preservation Department

Home site for the Stony Brook University Libraries Preservation Department, our mission, our roles, our services offered, etc.



Collaborative Opportunities

 The collaborative opportunities at the university are as varied and limitless as the individual research and learning opportunities themselves.  The department’s traditional and digital reformatting activities include a number of offerings ranging from simple photo-duplication to the creation of on-line surrogate collections, all in partnership with academic and administrative entities across the campus community.

Each of these three project scenarios is dependent and determined by mutual understanding between both parties, and may require additional in-house or vendor-based work to ensure proper and timely completion of the project.  Projects may be on-going or singular event based, dependent upon an identified need, and may include the creation or physical as well as electronic surrogates. Examples of some of the department’s sponsored projects are outlined below. 

Analog Preservation Projects: