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Stony Brook University

Preservation Department

Home site for the Stony Brook University Libraries Preservation Department, our mission, our roles, our services offered, etc.

Environmental Monitoring Program

The Preservation Department is charged with coordination of the proper care and housing of of University Libraries' collections.  To this end, the department regularly monitors the environmental conditions of all library branches and collection areas, logging temperature, humidity and particulate levels.  The information is collected through the strategic placement of stand along monitoring units which were created by the Rochester Institute of Technology's Image Permanence Institute.  The units (PEM2 monitors) store information for up to ten years, and through the use of th their associated, web-based software program (E-Climate Notebook) allow preservation department staff to work with campus facilities personnel and experts to redress issues as they arise.  In addition, the department also utilizes light readings and particulate readings to determine storage areas cleaning needs.


Monitored Areas:

  • Access Services & Main Stacks Areas
  • Central Reading Room
  • Chemistry Library
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Math/Physics Library
  • Music Library
  • Science and Engineering Library
  • Southampton Library
  • Special Collections and University Archives (reading rooms and storage areas)

The Preservation Department office are additionally monitored, and serve as a controlled comparison area for review of non-storage areas.

Additional Information:

For additional information on environmental monitoring, see the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration's website page on Environmental Control.