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Stony Brook University

Preservation Department

Home site for the Stony Brook University Libraries Preservation Department, our mission, our roles, our services offered, etc.

Library Binding Program

The Preservation Department faculty and staff oversee and coordinate the Library Binding Program on behalf of the University Libraries and its affiliate branches.  The work consists of the identification, assessment, sorting, and preparation of monographic materials and specialty items for commercial rebinding, and the coordination of branch library serials binding by contracted, outside vendors.  Additional support and coordination is provided to campus faculty seeking assistance with individual item assessment and liaison with the vendors.

In March of 2016, the HF Group ACME Binding, purchased all commercial rights to institutional and library binding operations from Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc. which had held the NYS library binding contract with Stony Brook University Libraries.  The sale of the binding operations included all existing contractual obligations, including but not limited to recovering, recasing, hard covering of soft cover materials, serials binding, lamination of materials, preservation facsimiles and custom enclosures creation and building. The Preservation Department continues to coordinate all bindery work and shipments, and is the official liaison between HF Group and the University Libraries.


Binding Services for the Community

In addition to coordinating the commercial library binding operations, the department also serves as a contact point for Stony Brook University community members interested in obtaining personal binding or conservation services.  The Preservation Department usually coordinates the binding of theses or dissertations for faculty and graduate students, along with other unique works with sentimental value to the community member on a case-by-case basis.  Members interested in obtaining such services may contact one of the following companies:

Questions or requests for additional information may be directed to departmental faculty and staff through the contact page located on this guide.