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Preservation Department

Home site for the Stony Brook University Libraries Preservation Department, our mission, our roles, our services offered, etc.

Other Preservation Tutorial Links

The following tutorials, guides and leaflets have been excerpted from institutional and organizational websites.  For additional information on the originators of these documents, visit the organizations on the web, and explore all their offerings.


Cornell  University Libraries' Repair Guides:

Air Drying of Wet Books

Air Drying of Wet Files and Sheets

Clamshell Box Construction

Conservation Binding Guidelines for Recasing

Full Book Repair

Half Book Repair

Marginal Materials (MM) Case

Oxford Hollow

Partial Book Repair 

Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) Preservation Leaflets: (excerpted from the NEDCC website)

1. Planning and Prioritizing

  1. What Is Preservation Planning?

  2. Preservation Assessment and Planning

  3. The Needs Assessment Survey

  4. Considerations for Prioritizing

  5. Collections Policies and Preservation

  6. Priority Actions for Preservation

2. The Environment

  1. Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light, and Air Quality: Basic Guidelines for Preservation

  2. Monitoring Temperature and Relative Humidity

  3. Getting Function from Design: Making Systems Work

  4. Protection from Light Damage

  5. Protecting Paper and Book Collections During Exhibition

  6. Low Cost/No Cost Improvements in Climate Control

3. Emergency Management

  1. Protection from Loss: Water and Fire Damage, Biological Agents, Theft, and Vandalism

  2. An Introduction to Fire Detection, Alarm, and Automatic Fire Sprinklers

  3. Disaster Planning

  4. Worksheet for Outlining a Disaster Plan

  5. Emergency Management Bibliography

  6. Emergency Salvage of Wet Books and Records

  7. Emergency Salvage of Wet Photographs

  8. Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper

  9. Protecting Collections During Renovation

  10. Integrated Pest Management

  11. Collections Security: Planning and Prevention for Libraries and Archives

  12. Freezing and Drying Wet Books and Records

4. Storage and Handling

  1. Storage Methods and Handling Practices

  2. Storage Furniture: A Brief Review of Current Options

  3. Cleaning Books and Shelves

  4. Storage Enclosures for Books and Artifacts on Paper

  5. Polyester Film Book Jacket

  6. Storage Solutions for Oversized Paper Artifacts

5. Photographs

  1. A Short Guide to Film Base Photographic Materials: Identification, Care, and Duplication

  2. Types of Photographs

  3. Care of Photographs 

  4. Creating Long-Lasting Inkjet Prints

6. Reformatting

  1. Microfilm and Microfiche

  2. Duplication of Historical Negatives

  3. Digital Technology Made Simpler

  4. The Relevance of Preservation in a Digital World

  5. Digital Preservation

  6. Preservation and Selection for Digitization

  7. Outsourcing and Vendor Relations

7. Conservation Procedures

  1. Guidelines for Library Binding

  2. Surface Cleaning of Paper

  3. Conservation Treatment for Works of Art and Unbound Artifacts on Paper

  4. Conservation Treatment for Bound Materials of Value

  5. Choosing and Working with a Conservator

  6. Removal of Damaging Fasteners from Historic Documents