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Library Binding Instructions

This page outlines resources for SBU Libraries' staff involved with HF Group's ACME commercial binding operations.  These topics provide a basic overview of the required aspects for processing a bindery shipment.  Specific requests for information or questions should be directed to departmental faculty and staff.  


Our Region

The SBU Libraries are part of the Charlestown, Massachusetts bindery run for HF Group ACME binding. All resources and forms for the SBU Libraries binding should be taken from this region on the bindery website



Access to all forms, including truck schedules, bindery pick-up forms, interactive bindery slips, and packing slips are available here:


ABLE Access

The Advanced Library Bindery Exchange (ABLE) is available for use through a new HF Group portal: Please note that ABLE no longer works with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browers. Remember to use Internet Explorer when using the ABLE system. Specific JAVA security exceptions may be needed on this domain to allow ABLE to run- contact Library IT for help with this if needed.


The HF Group has created a video tutorial on how to use ABLE:

For ABLE binding codes and shipment help, please refer to Library Bindery Preparation Manual.

Packing Shipments

Please pack all boxes per our standard method. All like materials should be grouped together in the boxes. The following packing slip should be used: 

Packing Slip
Please fill out as much information on the packaging slip as possible, including your:

  • Library address
  • Bindery account number
  • Contact information
  • Telephone number
  • Shipment lot number
  • Pick-up date.

Additionally, please note that the HF Group would like 2 copies of the packing slip on top of the boxes, not in an envelope or taped to a box. No packing slip needs to be in the boxes.

Box Labels

HF Group box labels should be affixed on the short side of each box being shipped.  Each box label should having the following information provided:

  • Account number
  • Shipment lot number
  • Type of binding job
  • Total number of boxes (For example, for an six box shipment, each box will have the number 6 on it, not 1-6 on each box.)


Pick-up Schedule

Pick ups and deliveries will be once every 4 weeks with a brief winter interruption due to December and January holidays.* The schedule is located at 
For the Long Island schedule, select ".05 Long Island-Nassau and Suffolk Counties- 2016" in the Schedule drop down menu.

*Please note that pick-ups and deliveries may change to accommodate institutional needs. 


Pick up Locations

Shipment pick up and return of materials is centralized in the following three locations beginning at 8:00 am each delivery date:

  • Preservation Department- The following areas should have their shipments in the Preservation Dept. prior to the shipment pick-up date each month:
    • Preservation Dept.
    • Music Library
    • Science and Engineering Library
    • Maps Collection
    • Government Information
    • Central Reading Room  
  • Chemistry Library- Chemistry Library materials only
  • Math/Physics Library- Math/Physics library materials only

Please note there are no scheduled stops at the Health Sciences or Southampton Library at the present time. Any library area with bindery needs not in these listed locations are encouraged to contact the Preservation Dept. faculty and staff to discuss binding needs. 


Billing Information

All account information remains the same.  Contact the Preservation Department with any questions regarding account numbers or access passwords.


Any questions should be directed to Preservation Department faculty and staff.