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 Art Criticism (now online)

 Art Criticism was published by the Department of Art's program of Art History and Criticism starting in the spring of 1979 and commencing in the spring of 2010.  During that period, many contributors from the Stony Brook University community and elsewhere wrote for the publication.  In making these writings available online, the library hopes to provide a wider audience with the opportunity to become familiar with the critical essays included throughout.


To access the publication online, go to:


In an introduction to the first issue, Lawrence Alloway and Donald Kuspit stated their intention for this publication as follows:  

"If Art Criticism meets some of its editors’ hopes for it, we shall be able to claim the appearance of some art criticism, with subjects arising from the writers’ or editors’ decisions, rather than the art market’s. Articles on individual critics and on current groups and tendencies will lead towards the adequate history of art criticism so badly needed in relation to art and in relation to the literature of other disciplines."