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     Emergency Response Quick Guide


In the event of fire, or other life-threatening emergency, contact campus safety immediately at 911 from a campus phone, or 632-6350 from a cell phone, for the fastest response time.


Your personal safety and the safety of others is your first priority.  In the event of a major emergency to a collection follow the following procedures:


Response Steps:

  1. Identify the emergency or threat to collection(s).
  2. Report the emergency or threat to collection(s) to the appropriate response group.
  3. Evacuate the area of personnel and patrons, and take appropriate safety measures.
  4. In the event of a non-life threatening emergency, cordon off the area.  In the event of fire or other life-threatening emergency, evacuate the building.  Do not try to fight a fire or other emergency alone!  Your safety comes first!
  5. Assemble a recovery response group of willing and capable library and campus employees.
  6. Re-enter the area once the ‘all clear’ has been given by first responders, or library/facilities personnel arrive to provide assistance.
  7. Begin protecting materials and assessing the damage.
  8. Begin to control and stabilize the environment.
  9. Begin material recovery procedures, see Emergency Response Manual below.