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Stony Brook University

The Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture: 2007 - Keller

Michael Keller

Sixth Annual Lecture

Michael Keller


Mr. Michael Keller, the  University Librarian and Director of Information Resources, Green Library, Stanford University, and publisher of Highwire Press and Stanford University Press, gave the Sixth Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture on November 12, 2007.  The title and topic of his talk was: "One Good Turn Deserves Another: How the Google Book Search Project is Benefiting Everyone."  


Mr. Michael Keller (B.A., MLS) is University Librarian and Director of Information Resources at Green Library, Stanford University, and publisher of Highwire Press (Stanford University) and Stanford University Press. His wide-ranging interests and expertise in the field of librarianship and academic publishing include effective deployment of information technology, scholarly communication and collection development. In response to the need to publish online STM Society journals, he established Highwire in 1995, the well-known and important online publication site, one of the best, if not the best, aggregator and third-party access providers of its kind.  Also in Mr. Keller's watch, Stanford's HighWire Press and Libraries became early partners in various Google programs, particularly Google Scholar and Google Book Search


Mr. Keller has held many important positions in the field of librarianship, served and continues to serve on many advisory committees and boards, speaks extensively every year at various professional meetings on a wide-range of topics including scholarly communication and information technology, information policy, etc., has received many awards and honors, and has presented many papers in the field of librarianship and scholarly communication.


Some of  Mr. Keller's Papers

  • "Reconstruction, Preservation and Innovation: Rebuilding Green Library and Incorporating Advances Instigated by the Commission on Technology in Teaching and Learning." Stanford San Jose Luncheon Club, San Jose, CA, 23 March 1995.
  • "Navigating the Global Information Sea: A View From the Farm," a talk presented to the Rocky Mountain Stanford Association in Englewood, Colorado, 5 June 1994. 
  • "The Role of Subject Specialists in the Virtual Library," a paper presented to the University Library Staff of the University of Minnesota, 29 April 1994. 
  • "Late awakenings; recruiting subject specialists to librarianship and collection development," a chapter to be published in Recruiting, Educating, and Training Librarians for Collection Development, edited by Margaret Johnson and Sheila Intner, by Greenwood Publishing Group in 1993 (submitted, editing underway). 
  • "Ownership and access," presentation to the Seminar of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, Boston, 16 September 1992. 
  • Review of Scholarly communication and serial prices: proceedings of a conference... in College & Research Libraries, vol. 53, no. 4 (July 1992), p. 364-65. 
  • "Digital preservation: some reflections upon its implications for collection development officers," a paper presented to the Advisory Council of the Commission on Preservation and Access, Washington, D.C., November, 1991. 
  • "Academic library collection development in a time of transition; the possibilities for electronic publishing," a paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American University Presses, June 1991 in Naples, Florida. 
  • "Strategies for the future dissemination of scholarly and scientific articles," a paper presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries Journal Cost Discussion Group session at ALA Mid-winter, January 1991 in Chicago. 
  • "Strategic choices facing the Yale libraries," a lecture to the Fellowship of Pierson College, Yale University, October 1990. 
  • "Anticipated demands on collection development budgets and the role of outside resources in funding acquisitions," keynote address of the ALCTS-RS and LAMA program "Funding Future Acquisitions: Financial Resources for the 1990s" at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, June 1990. 
  • "Criteria used by librarians in selecting titles," a paper presented at the Society for Scholarly Publishing 1990 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, June 1990.