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Stony Brook University

The Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture: Brennan

2019 Visiting Scholar - Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, Director of the National Library of Medicine

The 2019 Annual Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture 

Featuring Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, Director - National Library of Medicine 

Friday September 6, 2019 

2:00pm - 3:00pm

MART Auditorium - Stony Brook University 



2019 Prelec Lecture - video recording

Photos - 2019 Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture

Introduction to the Prelec Memorial Committee - Bruce Demple

Jamie Saragossi welcomes Dr. Brennan to SBU

Dr. Brennan opening slide

Dr. Brennan presenting on AI and NLM

Dr. Brennan answering questions post-lecture

Prelec Committee and Dr. Brennan

Dr. Brennan and SBU Health Sciences Librarians

HSL Tour for NNLM Colleagues

NNLM MAR Luncheon sponsored by Prelec fund

NNLM Luncheon members and Dr. Brennan

SB HS Librarians hosting NNLM colleagues