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Stony Brook University

The Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture: 2017 - Rieger

Oya Y. Rieger

2017 Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture

Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Resources and Preservation Services and the Program Director for Dr. Rieger holds an MS in Public Administration (University of Oklahoma), an M.S. in Information Systems (Columbia University), and a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (Cornell University).

Creating an open science infrastructure entails a seamless network of content, technologies, policies, expertise and practices. We need to consider such a scholarly organization as an enterprise that needs to be built, maintained, improved, assessed and promoted over time. This would require that the academic community join forces to bring together the expertise of scientists, technologists, librarians and other experts. The presentation focuses on the potential role of research libraries as partners in fostering open science to make scientific process more transparent and results more accessible. Based on Cornell’s experience in running arXiv, a repository of scientific reprints, it aims to illustrate how libraries, as stewards of information, can partner in creating sustainable and innovative information systems to advance science and scholarship.

2017 Prelec Memorial Lecture