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Popular Maps for LI Research

Long Island Maps Most Frequently Used for Historical Research
Prepared by David Allen
Revised. March 2002

 NOTE: List is arranged chronologically

  • 1797 Maps.” Manuscript maps of all major towns in New York State prepared under a state law passed in 1797. The original maps are in the New York State Library at Albany. Stony Brook has hotostats of Brookhaven (Hulse), Easthampton, Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Smithtown, Southampton, Southhold. (All located in Map Reserve Collection.)
  • Burr, David. An Atlas of the State of New York 1829. First detailed and accurate atlas of state. Shows such features as location of water mills and lighthouses. Original in Special Collections; of Long Island maps in Map Collection. Available on Web at:
  • U.S. Coast Survey. 1834-45 maps of Long Island. First detailed and accurate maps to cover all of Long Island. Include individual houses, fields etc. Show topography and vegetation. Photostats in Map Collection.

  • Chace, J. Map of Suffolk County, L.I., New York. 1858. Shows individual home owners. Insets show streets of major Long Island towns. Original in Special Collections; photostat in Map Reserve Room.
  • Walling, Henry Francis. Topographical Map of the Counties of Kings and Queens, New York. 1859. Similar to Chace, but covers present-day Nassau County as well as Queens and Brooklyn. original in Special Collections.

  • Beers, F.W. Atlas of Long Island (1873). Shows property boundaries and home owners. Original in Special Collections; facsimiles of many areas in Map Collection; another copy on microfilm (Microfilm A755, reel 96, item 6). Available on Web at:
  • Wendelkyn & Co. Atlas of the Towns of Babylon, Islip and the South Part of Brookhaven. 1888. Similar to Beers, but somewhat more detailed.(Spec xxGI253.S9 W4 1888; Microfilm A755, reel 96, item 401).

  • U.S. Coast Survey. 1846-95 maps of Long Island. Similar to 1834-45 maps, but cover only coastal areas. Photostats in Map Collection.

  • Sanborn Map Company. Sanborn fire insurance maps. Extremely detailed maps of urbanized areas. Begin about 1890 for major towns. Library has microfilm collection covering all of New York State. (microfilm A725).
  •  Wolverton, Chester. Atlas of Queens County, Long Island, New York. 1891. Copy In Special Collections (Spec xxxG 1253.Q3 W6 1981). Includes modern Nassau County.
  • Hyde & Company. Map of Long Island. 1896. Detailed map, shows individual property owners. Copy in Special Collections; photocopy in Map/Reserve. 
  • U.S. Geological Survey. Modern topographic mapping begins about 1900 (15' quadrangles). Stony Brook has complete coverage for New York State. Paper copies in Map Collection. Historical coverage for all maps issued of New York State on microfilm (Microfilm A778).
  • E. Belcher Hyde Map Co. Atlas of Suffolk County. Complete in two volumes. Volume one: South Side: Ocean Shore (1902).Volume two: North Side: Sound Shore (1909). Similar in format to Beers Atlas. Stony Brook holds only volume two. (Spec G3803.S8 1902.A78). Volume I is on Microfilm A790 (paper copy at SPLIA).

  • E. Belcher Hyde. Map of Long Island. 1906. Shows individual home owners, but not as detailed as his atlases. Copy of original in Special Collections; photocopy in Map Collection. Available on Web at:

  • Hyde, E. Belcher. Atlas of Nassau County. 1914. (Spec. G 1254.L6 H9 1914)

  • E. Belcher Hyde. Atlas of Suffolk County. 1915-16. Two volumes. Stony Brook has on Microfilm A788.

  • E. Belcher Hyde. Atlas of Suffolk County. 1917. North Side-Sound Shore. Volume one (including townships of Huntington, Smithtown and part of Brookhaven). Volume two (including townships of Riverhead, Southold and Shelter Island) apparently never appeared. Stony Brook lacks, SPLIA has.

  • Dolph & Stewart. Atlas of Suffolk County, New York. 1929. Another property atlas similar to Beers and Belcher Hyde. Original in Special Collections; photocopy in Maps (Spec and Map G1253.S8 D6 1929.

  • Hagstrom Company. Hagstrom's Street, Road and Property Ownership Map of Nassau County, Long Island, New York. 1929 and 1936 editions in Special Collections.

  • Hagstrom Company. Hagstrom's Map of Long Island, New York, 1937. 2 sheets. Copy in Special Collections.

  • Dolph & Stewart. Dolph's Street, Road, and Land Ownership Map of Nassau County, Long Island, New York. 1939 Copy in Special Collections (Spec G3803.N3 1939.D6). Photocopy in Map Office.

  • Hagstrom's Street, Road and Land Ownership Atlas of Suffolk County, Long Island, Western Half. 1944. This and a similar Hagstrom atlas published in 1958 appear to be the most recent Hagstrom atlases that show individual property owners. (Stony Brook lacks 1944 atlases). Copies of other Hagstrom atlases are in Map Office and Special Collections.) Tax maps (not at Stony Brook) should be used for more recent property ownership information.