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Stony Brook University


Contains resources for maps and geospatial research and instruction

  Note: NYS Pathfinder

The NYS Map Pathfinder is a top-level web page in this subject guide that links to digital images of historical maps.

Finding Maps

Maps and other cartographic materials (such as atlases and digital files) can be found in several campus libraries. The bulk of them, however, are in the Map Collection on the second floor of the Main Library. Individual web pages listed in the pulldown of "Finding Maps" describe our holdings in more detail.

Important Materials of the Map Collection


  • Aerial Photographs. High-altitude aerial photographs of Long Island, NYC, and other areas
  • Aeronautical Charts. Designed for air navigation, but also often contain much information about features on the ground
  • Atlases. Many types of atlases including world, thematic, and regional atlases are located in the Map Collection and elsewhere in the library system
  • City Maps. Individual streets and street names for towns and cities in the US and foreign countries
  • Digital Maps. A growing library's collection of computerized (digital) maps covering all areas of the world, with particular emphasis on NY and LI
  • Foreign Maps in Series. Detailed foreign maps (often topographic maps) that cover a particular geographic area in more than one sheet
  • Foreign Sheet Maps. Miscellaneous small-scale maps of foreign countries, regions, and cities
  • General Reference Maps. Small-scale maps of a continent, country, or state, usually on a single sheet
  • Geological Maps. Depict different rock formations and other conditions under the surface of the earth
  • Hiking Maps and Guides. Can be found in a number of locations in the map collection
  • Historical Maps. Both old maps and modern maps depicting conditions in the past
  • Marine Maps. Nautical charts and other maps depicting the oceans of the world
  • Long Island Historical Map Facsimiles, as highlighted in Long Island Maps and Their Makers. Select maps created from the 16th through the early 20th centuries.
  • New York State Maps. The Libraries' extensive holdings of maps of NY State (particularly LI and NYC)
  • Reference Books. Books about the history of maps, map interpretation, cartobibliographies, and indexes
  • Satellite Images, Prints. Resemble very high altitude aerial photographs. They can be found in various places in the map collection
  • Soil Survey Maps. Mostly in booklet form and cover soil types in selected counties of the United States
  • Topographic Maps. Most detailed maps covering the U.S. and much of the rest of the world
  • U.S. Sheet Maps. Misc small-scale maps of the United States, regions, individual states, and cities
  • World Maps. Both small-scale general reference maps and detailed topographic maps of many foreign countries
  • Related Bibliographies