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Member Information   CQ Weekly in CQ Press, Almanac of America Politics, National Journal 
Party Platforms   National Journal   
Voting Records    CQ Weekly in CQ Press, NationalJournalAlmanac
Ethnic Opinions   Ethnic NewsWatch
Election Analyses CQ Weekly in CQ Press, CQ Voting & Elections, NationalJournalRoll Call, CQ's Vital
Statistics      CQ's Vital Statistics on American Politics Online, CQ Voting & Elections, iPoll Databank 
Polls iPoll Databank 
District Descriptions

NationalJournalAlmanac, US Census Bureau

Public Policies  


Almanac of American Politics

GAO Reports

E-Mail Alerts  NationalJournal Almanac, Roll Call (CQ Voting & Elections), CQ Weekly in CQ Press
Predictions  iPoll Databank, Roll Call
Polls & Public Opinion  NationalJournalAlmanac, Polling the Nations
Saved Searches    CQ Weekly in CQ Press   
Lobbying & Lobbyists    Roll Call, iPoll 
Podcasts    NationalJournalAlmanac,


Blogs     NationalJournalAlmanac  

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