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Stony Brook University


Electronic and print resources for all areas of nursing.

Selected Nursing Theory Books

Caring for the vulnerable: perspectives in nursing theory, practice, and research, 3rd ed.  Edited by de Chesnay,M. &  Anderson, B.A. WM 270 M169c 2012

Community as partner: theory and practice in nursing , 5th ed. Anderson, E.T. & McFarlane, J. WY 106 A546ca 2008

Family health care nursing: theory, practice and research, 4th ed. Edited by Kaakinen, J.R. … et al. Perm Reserves WY 159.5 F1985 2010

Integrated theory and knowledge development in nursing, 8th ed. Chinn, P.L. & Kramer, M.K. WY 86 C539i 2011

Introduction to theory and reasoning in nursing. Johnson, B.M. & Webber, P.B. WY 86 J66i 2010

Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: theory and application, 6th ed. Marquis, B.L. & Huston, C.J. WY 105 M357L 2009

Middle range theories: application to nursing research, 3rd ed. Edited by Peterson, S.J. & Bredow, T.S. WY 86 M6269 2013

Middle range theory for nursing, 2nd ed.Edited by Smith, M.J. & Liehr, P.R. WY 86 M627 2008

The Neuman systems model (5th ed.) Edited by Neuman, B. & Fawcett, J. WY 86 N489 2011

Nursing theories: the base for professional nursing practice, 6th ed. Edited by George, J.B. Perm Reserves WY 86 N9755 2011

Nursing theorists and their work, 7th ed. Edited by Alligood, M.R. & Tomey, A.M. Perm Reserves WY 86 N973 2010

Nursing theory: ulitization & application, 4th ed. Edited by Alligood, M.R. Perm Reserves WY 86 N9758 2010

Peer review in nursing: principles for successful practice. Haag-Heitman, B. & George, V. WY 16 AA1 H111p 2011

Perspectives on nursing theory, 5th ed. Edited by Reed, P.G & Shearer, N.B.C. WY 86 P467 2009 

Theoretical basis for nursing. McEwen, M. & Wills, E.M. WY 86 M4773t 2011

Understanding the work of nurse theorists: a creative beginning, 2nd ed. Sitzman, K.L. & Eichelberger, L. W. WY 86 S623u 2011 

Interlibrary Loan Requests

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