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Electronic and print resources for all areas of nursing.

Pediatric NP Library

This page lists required and recommended books for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. Most of these are available through Stony Brook University Libraries, so be sure to click the links to access them.

Note that three books allow for limited usage. When you are finished using one of these, please close out. Also, do NOT download the entire book because this may result in it being unavailable for everyone else for 24 hours. 

These three books are:

  • Pediatric Primary Care (Burns)
  • Pediatric Physical Examination (Duderstadt)
  • Zuckerman Parker Handbook

PNP Required Books--print in library

These books aren't available from the library as an e-book--but we do have them in print. You can check them out at the desk in the front of the HSL.

PNP Required Books--ebooks in library

Finding Guidelines

Professional organization websites often have practice guidelines for their specialties. You can also find published guidelines by searching these databases.

Visible Body

PNP Recommended Books

These books aren't required, but they could be very useful to you.

Required Books to Buy

These books aren't available in Stony Brook's library so you'll need to buy these.