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Associated Press Stylebook Online

Access the library's subscription to the AP Styleguide Online.

Current News - Free Fulltext

The University Libraries maintain online subscriptions to a number of newspapers through Nexis Uni and Proqest Basic databases.. The list betlow gives specific links to the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Newsday.  The list also includes links to Nexis Uni, Proquest Basic, Ethnic Newswatch.

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Library Lingo

What did she say? Decoding some library lingo...

Indexes only provide citations for articles. You can search the indexes by keyword, title, author, source, etc. but you will always need to look elsewhere for the actual text of the article.

Abstracts are really called Indexes and Abstracts because they both index the literature and provide a brief summary of the article; i.e., an abstract. As with the Indexes, you will need to look elsewhere for the text of the article.

Full Text databases provide the indexing, and sometimes also the abstracting, but are especially useful because the contain the full text of the articles. Some databases, like LexisNexis, have only the text where others like Factiva contain images of the articles.

NYC Green Book Online

The Green Book provides information about the NYC agencies, offices, boards, and commissions. 2012 is the first year that this resource has been made available online.