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Stony Brook University


Resources for Journalism, Communication, and Media Studies

Early American and Historical Newspaper Collections

Historical Newspapers on the Web

New York Historical Newspapers on the Web

NYS Historic Newspapers free online access to a wide range of newspapers chosen to reflect New York's unique history

Brooklyn Daily Eagle a digitization project of the Brooklyn Public Library 

Partial access available on the Web

Garrison's The Liberator at the Primary Research project (a project on local Boston history, provided by high school students)

The Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room at the Library of Congress provides an excellent webpage with links to some online resources, as well as leads for finding good print-only resources. Remember to check SEARCH when trying to determine if SBU libraries have a copy of an item. 

Library of Congress Chronicling America project

News Archives on the Web: A service of the Special Library Association's News Division

United States | Canadian |  Asian  | International

See also the Newspaper Archives on the Internet box on this page

 Nineteenth Century Masterfile - collection of pre-1925 indexes. You can search the database for a topic, but then you must take additional steps to track down the source for any citations you find. Generally this means you search the STARS catalog for the source to see if we have it.

The 19th Century Masterfile database includes indexes for the following papers:

New York Daily Tribune 1875-1906

New York Times 1863-1905

Oregon Spectator 1846-1854

Palmer's index to The Times (London) 1880-1890

It also includes various indexes to periodical literature and specific magazine and journal titles.

It's really our only general online index that extends back in time past the mid-1900's.


1) Search Nineteenth Century Masterfile

2) Search the catalog to find out if we have the Source publication. For example, if the citation is Corbin, Austin Montauk Indians Claim Lands, New York Daily Tribune, Oct 9, 1895, p10 column 4 you want to search the catalog for the title New York Daily Tribune.

3) In the catalog record you need to look at the Holdings information to see if the library has the year 1895.

4) Note the location of the item from the catalog record, then go and find it (on the microfilm, shelf, or wherever).

Historical Long Island Newspapers

For information on historical Long Island newspapers, see the guide for Long Island Newspapers.


Listen to a selection of historical newspaper articles read aloud on LibriVox

Listen to the Federalist Papers

or to the Antifederalist Papers

The New Yorker

SBU Libraries provide a subscription to the New Yorker Archive. 

Subject Headings

Useful Subject headings in the catalog:







Newspaper Archives on the Internet

Newspapers in Microforms at Stony Brook

Major Historical Sets

  • Early American Newspapers – Microfilm A565
  • Early American Newspapers, 1704-1820 – Microprint 4
  • Underground Newspaper Collection* – Microfilm A178 [1963-1985]

Index to Underground Newspaper Collection: Microforms Library Z6944.U5 B4 [1963-1985]

  • Alternative Press Collection* – Microfilm A178 [1986 – present]

Alternative press. A guide to the microform collection Z6944.U5 B4 [1986-present]

Other Major Papers

  • New York Herald [1840-1919] – Microfilm A1
  • New York Tribune / Daily Tribune / Herald Tribune [1841-1966] Microfilm 123
  • Christian Science Monitor [1908-1925, 1960-present] Microfilm A26

Major Foreign Newspapers

  • The Times (London, England) [1788-present] – Microfilm A6
  • Le Monde (Paris, France) [1944-present] – Microfilm A4
  • Le Temps (Paris, France : 1861) [1861-1942] – Microfilm A3
  • Pravda (Moscow, Russia) [1917,1921-1975] – Microfilm A161

African-American Newspapers

  • New York Amsterdam News (1919-present) – Microfilm A128
  • Chicago Defender (1905-1966) – Microfilm A395
  • Pittsburgh Courier [weekly] (1923-1947) – Microfilm A238

Special Collections

Have historic newspapers for Long Island.  Original newsprint copies and microfilm.  Most but not all titles are in  the catalog.  Consult with Kristen Nyitray, Head, Special Collections and University Archives at (631) 632-7119.

Card Catalog Drawer

Located at the Reference Desk.  Indexes newspapers by state/region.

Newspaper Indexes

How do you find articles on specific topics within a newspaper?  It can be a difficlut process, but these indexes can help.


PRINT INDEXES (Located in the Central Reading Room, unless otherwise noted.)

  • New York Times: Newspaper Indexes AI21 .N44 [1851- present]
  • The Times (London, England) Newspaper Indexes AI21.T5 [1790-present]
  • Christian Science Monitor: Newspaper Indexes AI21.c3 [1946-1994]
  • Le Monde: Newspaper Indexes AI21.m6 [1944-1968]
  • Wall Street Journal: Newspaper Indexes HG1.W26 [1955-present]
  • Washington Post: Newspaper Indexes AI21.W33 W36 [1971-1995]
  • Newsday: Newspaper Indexes AI21.N5 [1977-1985]
  • Alternative Press Index: Main Stacks [1969-5 years ago-ish].