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Create a Group/Folder

Creating and Using Different Types of Groups

Groups allow you to save references into categories. You can use basic groups, smart groups, and group sets. 


1. From the Group menu, choose Create a Group


2. Name your new group

3. To add references to a group, highlight the reference and drag it to the group or go to Groups - Add References To and choose the group you want.



Smart Groups

You can predefine references with certain attributes to immediately be sent to a specific group within EndNote.

1. Choose Groups - Create Smart Group

2. Name the Smart Group and add the criteria for references such as specific keywords, authors, date, etc. 


will need to define your search terms so that the references will be added or updated automatically within your EndNote Library.

Group Sets

Group sets let you collect related groups under one header.  

1. Choose Groups - Create Group Set

2. Name your Group Set


3. You can drag existing groups into the new Group Set. You can create new groups by highlighting the set and choosing Create Group