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Latin American History

Resources for the study of Latin American history.


Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record.

The Yale University Collection of Latin American Manuscripts The Andean Collection, Part I.
Language: Spanish
13 Reels

The collection contains some 184 manuscript volumes and unbound documents relating to the Spanish colonization of Latin America, dating from the 16th to early 20th centuries. Materials include correspondence, government documents (including reports, commissions, decrees, and awards), church documents, poetry and other writings on civil, military, economic, religious, and social topics. Materials originate from Spain; Mexico and Central America; the Caribbean; and South America, from Columbia south through the Andean region to Argentina and Paraguay.

Series II: Cuban History and Literature, Part 1: Serials from Harvard University Serials
Language: Spanish
31 Reels

The periodicals collected here provide a unique window on Cuban culture from the early nineteenth century through the 1920s and 1930s. Cuba's large population of literate crillollos or creoles supported an active publishing industry that offered almanacs, gazettes, magazines for women, literary journals and more.

The roles of women with respect to domestic duties, child-rearing and "proper" conduct is reflected in such publications as La familia. The love stories and sentimental articles and poems contained in such literary periodicals as Album de las damas demonstrate popular beliefs -- both real and idealized -- about love and gender relations.

With its unique mixture of European and African influences, Cuban popular entertainment has always held particular fascination for North Americans. Included here are periodicals covering Cuban theater and music halls, such as Floresta cubana.

Filmed from the collections of Harvard College Library, this collection gives users access to hard-to-find materials, supporting research not only on Cuban, but on Caribbean and Latin American history in all of its aspects: from literature to economics to science to women's issues.


The overall scheme of arrangement of the records is chronological.  Within each year of records, the categories of classification (as described in the preface to the printed index) are as follows:

Section 1. Causas administratiyas y de guerra -- military reports concerning native activity, official visits, and reports pertaining to such administrative activities as the number and location of royal stores for tax purposes, reports of governors and other officials, and many other matters pertaining to administration on a federal level.

Section 2. Minas solares y terrenos -- records of sale of mining property and land actions pertaining to mining properties, ranches, and other properties.

Section 3. Protocolos -- the formal protocol written during the course of the years by various city officials, dealing with city and provincial business, public records, wills, and other matters of government.

Section 4. Causas civiles -- civil court cases pertaining to suits concerning money and materials, and cultural transactions at the civil court level, including topics such as enforced slavery.

Section 5. Causas criminales -- federal criminal court cases, including murder, theft, rape, labor conflicts, etc.

Section 6. Papales Varios -- unidentified comments or parts of documents that the organizers of the microfilmed material could not otherwise classify or properly index.

Sources Citing the Collection