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Latin American History

Resources for the study of Latin American history.

Information about the Collection

CIA Research Reports: Latin America, 1946-1976.
Author: United States. Central Intelligence Agency
Published: Frederick, Md. : University Publications of America, Inc., 1982
Language: English
5 Reels

The CIA Research Reports: Latin America, 1946-1976 provide information on political activities in Latin America, especially those that could be “troublesome” to the United States. A good amount of attention is given to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Brazil, but a number of other Latin American countries are covered as well. The focus lies overwhelmingly with suspected communist activity in all these areas. Some of the reels from 1965 also deal with. [From The Roosevelt Study Center]


Reel I: Argentina and Bolivia
Reel II: Brazil, British Guiana, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba
Reel III: Cuba (Cont.)
Reel IV: Dominican Republic
Reel V: Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Where is the Guide?

CIA Research Reports: Latin America, 1946-1976 - PDF version of the original guide to the microfilm. [From The Roosevelt Study Center]

Where Is It?


Microforms Library - Central Reading Room