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Sherry Chang

Sherry Chang

Sherry Chang

Math, Physics, Astronomy Librarian

Subject Team: STEM

Expertise: MathematicsPhysics & Astronomy
Melville Library | 631.632.1540

How can Sherry help you?

Sherry Chang is the Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy librarian at the Stony Brook University Libraries.  

Besides her research specialties in the subjects of mathematics, physics and astronomy, she also has experience of managing the collections of other science areas such as marine and atmospheric sciences, engineering, computer science, chemistry, biology, and geo-science. With long history of academic library administration, she is familiar with library facilities management and space design.





M.L.S.  Library Science, Geneseo College, New York State

M.S. Applied Mathematics, Stony Brook University


          Associate Director of University Libraries for Facilities and Operations, SBU

          Associate Director of University Libraries for Public Services, SBU

          Assistant Director of University Libraries for Science Branches, SBU

          Science Librarian, SBU

          Head of Mathematics and Physics Library, SBU


Selected Publications, Presentations & Service:

"Libraries as a Place and Learning Space in the 21st Century" Sept. 2015 a research report pending on publication.


“Strategic Library Planning and Project”, a invited presentation to the Hong Kong Chinese University Libraries, Feb. 20, 2001

“What do we do with periodicals: maintaining a retrospective collection in this age of electronic media", a power point presentation, Long Island Library Conference, sponsored by Suffolk County Library Association, May 1998.

“Acquiring and Accessing Online Science Journals” a power point presentation to the Staff Meeting, SUNY at Stony Brook Libraries, May 10, 1997.

“Creating Unified, Coherent Services while Maintaining Physically Separated Science Branch Libraries” poster session, 1997 Association for College and research Libraries 8th National Conference, April 11-13 1997, Nashville, Tennessee.

“Consortium Use of the OCLC/AMIGOS Collection Analysis CD, the SUNY experience” Library Resources and Technical Services vol. 41 (1997) pp. 50-57

“Electonic Collection Evaluation: Using the OCLC/AMIGOS Collection Analysis CD to Evaluate Collections of a Consortium”, Third International Conference “Crimea 96, Libarries and Associations in the Transient World: New Technologies and New Forms of Cooperation”, Foros, Yalta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine, 1-9 June 1996. Proceedings pp. 102-105.

“Survey and Analysis of Demand for Journals at the State University of New York at Stony Brook”, Library Acquisitions: Practice and Theory vol. 20,1 (1996), pp. 23-38

“Strategic Planning and On-the-Job Training of Information Professionals”,  Proceeding Beijing International Symposium on Computerized Information Management (BISCIM ’94), Beijing, October 1994 pp. 57(1)-57(14).

“Survey and Analysis of Demand for Journals: A Preliminary Step to a Journal Cancellation Project” in Proceedings of the Scientific and Technical Association of the Chinese Academy of Science International Seminar on Information Technologies and Information Services, Shanghai, October 1994, pp. 220-225

“Coping with the Introduction of an IOLS in Small to Medium Branch Libraries” in Proceedings of the Seventh Integrated Online Library Systems Conference, New York, May 1992, Medfor, NJ. Learned Information, Inc. 1992.  Pp. 69-74