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Government Documents & Information: Censuses

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Historical Census Information

Finding Local Census Information

How do I find statistics and other information about a town on Long Island?

1. Many towns have excellent websites that have already gathered Census and other information for their town.  For example, if you google Smithtown, NY history, you will see the official website for the town of Smithtown appear at the bottom of the page. 

You can improve your results by searching for Smithtown NY "official website".  On their web page, look under the Community Tab and the last item is Census Data.  This actually links to the United States Census' American FactFinder (see below for more information.)

 State and County QuickFacts: This page "contains statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with more than 5,000 people." 

Pick your state from the drop down list, click GO and you will have a list of statistics.  Right under the tabs near the top, make sure to Select a county and Select a city and then click GO. 

American FactFinder: On the home page, type the name of the place you are looking for into the Community Facts search box.  Once you search, you will get popular information for the place you want.  For example, population figures from the American Community Survey (yearly survey, education, employment, occupancy, sex and race).  Usually there is also economic information.

4.  If all else fails go to the 
U.S. Census Bureau website and try searching from there.  They have search boxes, guided searches, advanced searches and geographical searches.  Choosing the Data tab at the top is a good way to find what you want.