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Engineering: Standards

Standards in the Engineering Collection

  • ACI Concrete Manual, 1982, Sci Ref TA439.A358
    • The publication includes code requirements, specifications, concrete proportions, evaluation reports, committee reports, ans standards from the American Concrete Institute.  Please note:  This manual is published annually.  The Stony Brook University Libraries have the 1982 edition only.
  • ASHRAE Handbooks, latest, Sci Ref TH7005.A825
  • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code 1986, Sci Ref TJ290.A514
  • ASTM Book of Standards, 1992, Sci Ref TA401.A541 2002
  • SAE Handbook, 1995, Sci Ref TL1.S58

Selected ANSI and IEEE standards can be found in our catalog.

Standards in Database

Websites containing information helpful for locating standards