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May 2022 Update

Please note that as of May 2022, this guide is no longer actively maintained. Please feel free to contact SBU Libraries with any questions about policies or operations. 

Remote Access

The easiest way to connect to library licensed resources from off campus is through searches on the library website and databases. When accessing a resource, you will be asked to enter your NetID and password.

Troubleshooting Access Problems

If you have trouble accessing particular materials, it may be an issue with the url. Try adding our proxy string to the beginning of your url and you should be prompted to log in. You may also add the proxy string if you are accessing resources outside of the library website.

You can add the string via either of two methods:

  1. Manually - Add the proxy string  before your url
    changed to

  2. Automatic - Add the Proxy This script by dragging this link to your browser's bookmark bar:
    SBU Libraries Proxy This
    If the bookmarks bar is not visible in your browser, you can try to enable it under the menu Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks bar.
    Next, have your web browser on the resource site, then click "SBU Libraries Proxy This" on your bookmark bar.
    See this in action 

If you are having trouble with your url, please verify that that Library subscribes to it by going to the library website and databases

If you are having further trouble Ask Us! 

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Report a Problem with Library Resources

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