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Stony Brook University

Student Athlete Research Guide

This guide will offer our student athletes at Stony Brook University tips on research, time management, and many of the services available to them at SBU Libraries.

Student Athlete Research Guide

Sometimes athletes, at any college or university, get so caught up in their own routine and study habits that they fail to utilize all the resources that they have at their disposal. This LibGuide is created with the intent to complement the resources that the student athlete is presented with through the Athletics Department with resources and services that the Library provides.  

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Tips on Being an NCAA Student Athlete - This page will focus on providing the student athlete with helpful tips and resources on managing stress and time restrictions. Find quotes and secrets from other athletes and coaches, as well as articles and books on subjects such as time management, developing good study habits, and stress relief.

#SeawolvesRead - Use the Library's official hashtag to connect with classmates and other readers, to find help with assignments, for reader's advisory, or just to flaunt a picture of you with your favorite book!

Research Help - Use this tab to get help finding books, articles, and/or websites for research. Need help with a specific class or subject? MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT OUR SUBJECT GUIDES!! They are a great jumping off point! Are you more of a visual learner? Check out the Video Tutorials tab.

Citation & Formatting Help - Need help with footnotes, in-text citations, or references? Check out SBU's Citation & Formatting Guide to get you on the right track.

Great Sports Reads - Finally have some free time? Take a look at some of SBU's best sports titles and some other titles that you can easily obtain from online retailers or your public library system.