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Stony Brook University

Student Athlete Research Guide

This guide will offer our student athletes at Stony Brook University tips on research, time management, and many of the services available to them at SBU Libraries.

#SeawolvesRead Feed


Make sure to use our Library hashtag, #SeawolvesRead, to connect with the other students/classmates and the Library!

Not sure when to use #SeawolvesRead on social media? Here are just a few suggestions!

1) To connect with other readers or classmates...

- Anyone in Prof. Duffy's WRT102 want to start a study group? #SeawolvesRead

2) For help with reading comprehension...

- Just finished reading ... for HIS301. #SeawolvesRead ... Did anyone else not understand what the assignment was asking?

3) Reader's Advisory...

- I need a good mystery novel to read over the break; any suggestions? #SeawolvesRead

- OMG! Just read the new Amy Poehler book and it was so great! #SeawolvesRead

4) Connect with the Library!

- Are there any librarians out there that could help me get started on this Psych paper? I have no idea what resources I should be consulting! #SeawolvesRead

Using our hashtag makes your posts searchable and easy for the Library to find. Post pictures, status updates, and/or tweets and we can share them with the SBU Community!

Check our tagboard regularly for events, announcements, research tips, and FAQ!