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Student Athlete Research Guide: #SeawolvesRead

This guide will offer our student athletes at Stony Brook University tips on research, time management, and many of the services available to them at SBU Libraries.

#SeawolvesRead Feed


Make sure to use our Library hashtag, #SeawolvesRead, to connect with the other students/classmates and the Library!

Not sure when to use #SeawolvesRead on social media? Here are just a few suggestions!

1) To connect with other readers or classmates...

- Anyone in Prof. Duffy's WRT102 want to start a study group? #SeawolvesRead

2) For help with reading comprehension...

- Just finished reading ... for HIS301. #SeawolvesRead ... Did anyone else not understand what the assignment was asking?

3) Reader's Advisory...

- I need a good mystery novel to read over the break; any suggestions? #SeawolvesRead

- OMG! Just read the new Amy Poehler book and it was so great! #SeawolvesRead

4) Connect with the Library!

- Are there any librarians out there that could help me get started on this Psych paper? I have no idea what resources I should be consulting! #SeawolvesRead

Using our hashtag makes your posts searchable and easy for the Library to find. Post pictures, status updates, and/or tweets and we can share them with the SBU Community!

Check our tagboard regularly for events, announcements, research tips, and FAQ!