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Stony Brook University

Library Liaison Profiles

Dana Reijerkerk

Dana Reijerkerk

Senior Assistant Librarian

Knowledge Management & Digital Assets Librarian

Liaison: Anthropology, Graduate School for ETD Submissions
W-2510-B Melville Library | 631.632.7187

ORCID: 0000-0002-4516-6923

My Research Guides

How can Dana help you?

Dana is the Knowledge Management and Digital Assets Librarian at Stony Brook University. Contact her for research assistance with digital asset management, digital preservation, user experience design, anthropology, archives, and Indigenous histories and cultures. 


M.S. in Information, University of Michigan, 2019

B.A. in American Indian Studies, UNC at Pembroke, 2016


Data Analyst Professional, IBM, Expected 2023

User Experience for Libraries, Library Juice Academy, Expected 2023

Cultural Stewardship & Historic Preservation, Association of Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums, 2018


Chapters in Edited Volumes

Nyitray, K.J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Archivists and Emotional Labor: Radically Accepting Hidden Lineages of Self-Preservation." In Valeria Vanesio and Ilaria Scaglia (eds.), Archives and Emotions (Bloomsbury, 2023). Accepted.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. “Transliteracy in Archives: Engaging Students with Primary Sources.” In Prudence W. Dalrymple, Heather Todd, Luisa Marquardt, and Charles Wanjala (eds.), Libraries Empowering Society through Digital Literacy (IFLA/De Gruyter Publications Series, 2023).

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K.J. "More than Remotely Possible: Flexible Work Arrangements for Inclusive Recruitment and Retention of Academic Librarians." In Lisa Hopkins and Bridgit McCafferty (eds.), Innovative Library Workplaces: Transformative Human Resource Strategies (ACRL Publications, 2023).

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. “Librarian Mentorship through Mutual Scholarship: An Approach to Foster Higher Morale and Strengthen Collegiality,” In Monica D.T. Rysavy, Russel S. Michalak, Trevor A. Dawes, and Jon Cawthorne (eds.), Toxic Cultures in Higher Education (ACRL Publications, 2023).

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, Kristen J., “Mind the (Training) Gap: A Case Study in Assessing Metadata Competencies by Transforming Records for a Multi-System Migration,” In Marlee D. Givens and Sofia Slutskaya (eds.), Transforming Technical Services through Training and Development (ALA Editions, 2022). 

Reijerkerk, D., “Open Access Mandates and Indigenous Materials: Ways to Ethically Collaborate,” In What’s emerging in the field? Essays from the MCN 2020 VIRTUAL Scholarship Program Recipients (Museum Computer Network, 2021), available at

Refereed Journal Articles

Reijerkerk, D. & Reed, C. "Archives, Decolonization, and the Politics of Tribal Sovereignty: An Examination of Accessibility Barriers to Indigenous Federal Recognition Research in the United States," The American Archivist 86, no.2 (Fall/Winter 2023). Accepted.

Buffa, D., E.T. Thompson, K., Reijerkerk, D., Brittain, S., Manahira, G. Samba, R., Lahiniriko, F., Brenah Marius, C.J., Yves Augustin, J., Francois Tsitohery, J.R., Magnefa Razafy, R., Leonce, H., Rasolondrainy, T., and Douglass, K. "Understanding Socioecological Constraints to Adaptation: A Generalizable Toolkit," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences (2023). Accepted in special issue. 

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K. J. “A Role by Any Other Name: A Content Analysis of Digital Asset Management on Library and Archives Job Boards,” Journal of Digital Media Management 11, no. 2 (2023): 180-189.

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K. J. "(Re)moving Indigenous Knowledge Boundaries: A Review of Library and Archives Collection Literature Since the Enactment of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)." Collection Management 48, no.1 (2023): 22-47.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D.  “From Pathfinder to Indigenized: An Assessment of LibGuides for Indigenous Studies by ARL Member Institutions,” College & Research Libraries 83, no.6 (2022): 1014-1031.

Nyitray, K. J., Reijerkerk, D., & Kretz, C. "'There Will Be an End, But We Don't Know When': Preserving Diverse COVID-19 Pandemic Experiences through Oral History." Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals 18, no.2 (2022): 280-300.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Searching for Paumanok: Methodology for a Study of Library of Congress Authorities and Classifications for Indigenous Long Island, New York." Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 60, no.1 (2022): 19-44.

Data set:

Open access version:

Kretz, C., Payne, C., & Reijerkerk, D. "Study Room Time Machine: Creating a Virtual Library Escape Game During COVID-19." College & Undergraduate Libraries 29, no.2 (2021): 272-295.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. “Digital Repository Legacies: A Case Study in Assessing Organizational Trustworthiness,” Journal of Library Administration 61, no.7 (2021): 793-812.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. “Searching for Paumanok: A Study of Library of Congress Authorities and Classifications for Indigenous Long Island, New York.” Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 59, no.5 (2021): 409-441.

Open access version:

Reijerkerk, D. “UX Design in Online Catalogs: Practical Issues with Implementing Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels.” First Monday 25, no.8 (2020).

Select Other Writing

Mastrovita, M., Reijerkerk, D., Fried, R., & Klose, A. “Metadata During COVID - Part II,” Digital Library Federation Blog, November 1, 2022.

DLF BDAWG Ad Hoc for Remote Site Visits and Transfers, "Remote Transfers and Site Visits for Born-Digital Collections: Reflections from the Field," Digital Library Federation Blog, October 21, 2021.

Nyitray, K.J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Using Data for Studying Indigenous Long Island, New York," Blog (Guest Post), September 27, 2021.

Awards & Grants

Funded Research

2021-2022: $10,000 University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies Seminar & Workshop Fund. For Decentering Japanese Art History project.

Non-Funded Grants

2021-2024: NEH Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant

2020-2023: NEH Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grant


2023: LIS Education and Data Science Integrated Network Group (LEADING) Fellow, $6,000

Drexel University Metadata Research Center

Fellowship Site: Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio, Temple University Libraries

Project: Enhancing and Visualizing Philadelphia Black Art, Artists, and Representations


2023: ACRL Virtual Registration Conference Scholarship for Early-Career Librarians

2020-2021: Individual Professional Development Award, United University Professions

2020: Museum Computer Network Scholar

Digital Exhibitions & Projects

Select Digital Exhibitions and Projects

2022: Library Faculty Executive Committee Documents Assessment. Co-led preservation planning of documents produced by Stony Brook University Libraries’ governance groups with the University Archivist.

2021: Billy Jim Layton sound recordings. Co-led born-digital file transfer; created preservation plan; created documentation for AV Digitization File Format specifications for LPs and Reel-to-Reels.

2021: On This Site UX Assessment. User experience design assessment of the most-trafficked web pages on Indigenous Long Island culture reclamation website.

2020 - Present: Decentering Japanese Art History Project. Inter-institutional, community-led OER for teaching Ainu and Ryūkyūan visual material culture in Japanese art history classrooms.

2020: Documenting COVID-19: Stony Brook University Experiences. SBU Libraries’ archival documentation project about the campus and regional experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 - 2021. Co-led project planning; created preservation plan and metadata taxonomies; digital asset management.

2018: Reclaiming Ohi:yo’ - Restoring the Altered Landscape of the Beautiful River. Online permanent exhibition for the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum. Exhibit designed to be used on the museum’s website.


Selected: 2020 - Present

Nyitray, K.J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Transliteracy in Archives: Engaging Students with Primary Sources." Pre-recorded presentation. IFLA World Library and Information Congress Satellite Session, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands. August 18, 2023. Accepted. 

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K.J. "A Role by Any Other Name: Advertising and Recruiting for Digital Asset Management on Library and Archives Job Boards." Lightning talk. New York Archives Conference. June 16, 2023. 

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K.J. "Reality Bytes: Strategies for Evaluating and Communicating the Virtual Realities of Digital Repositories." Southern Miss Institutional Repository Conference, University of Southern Mississippi. April 27-28, 2023. 

Nyitray, K.J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Game (Not) Over: The Genesis, Death, and Afterlife of a Video Game Archive." Item not Found: Accounting for Loss in Libraries, Archives and Other Heritage and Memory Institutions, University of California Los Angeles William Andrews Clark Memorial Library and Oakland University Libraries, March 8-9, 2023. Co-authored presentation delivered in absentia on my behalf.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Archives Unmasked: Transforming the Lone Arranger through Inclusivity and Trust." Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York Symposium. January 26-27, 2023.

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. “Radical Acceptance in the Archive: Emotionality of Acquiring and Letting Go of Collections.” Archives and Emotions Conference, Archives and Emotions conference, Department of Library Information and Archive Sciences, Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences (MAKS) of the University of Malta and the Department of Politics, History and International Relations, Aston University of Birmingham, October 7, 2022. 

Nyitray, K. J., Reijerkerk D., & Sapon-White, R. “Without Warrant: Strategies for Remedying LOC’s Exclusion of Indigenous Communities in New York and Oregon,” ACRL Rare Books and Manuscripts Section Conference, “What Now? Reflection, Reckoning, and Recovery,” New Haven, CT, June 23, 2022. 

Nyitray, K. J. & Reijerkerk, D. “Digital Repository Legacies: A Case Study in Assessing Organizational Trustworthiness,” Northeast Institutional Repository Day 2021 Virtual Conference, December 2, 2021.

Reed, C. & Reijerkerk, D. “Building a Culture of Empathy During a Pandemic,” SUNYLA Annual Conference 2021 (Virtual), June 17, 2021. 

Gilbert, S., Levatino, K., Reed, C., Reijerkerk, D., & Werginz, R. "Employment Series: New Librarian Panel," Invited panelist. Long Island Library Resources Council Webinar, May 6, 2021.

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K.  J. “The Art of Metadata Management: Navigating an IR Migration Remotely Across Departmental Boundaries,” 2021 Southern Miss Institutional Repository Conference, University of Southern Mississippi, April 29-30, 2021.

Reijerkerk, D. & Kennedy, K. "Onboarding Challenges Post-Alma Migration at Stony Brook University Libraries." Refereed Poster Presentation. State University of New York Librarians Association Annual Conference, June 2020.

Teaching & Instruction

Course Integrated Instruction

Invited Lectures in Fall 2021-2022 semesters: "Indigenous Open Access Issues in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums," INFO 679 Museums & Digital Culture: Theory and Practice (3 credits), Pratt Institute School of Information, Sara DeYoung (instructor) 

Invited Lectures in Spring 2020-2022 semesters: "Indigenous Religious Traditions," Human Development Undergraduate College Seminar: Varieties of Religion (1 credit), Reverend Brenda Ford (instructor), Stony Brook, NY.

Information Literacy

One-shot instruction sessions to WRT 102 Writing and Rhetoric and SSO 102.S18 Undergraduate College Seminar classes in Fall/Spring terms covering library services, search strategies, and relevant discipline-specific databases.

Taught Professional Development Workshops

Reijerkerk, D. & Nyitray, K.J. "Exhibiting Metadata Competencies: A Case of Artfully Assessing Skill Sets through Collection Remediation." American Library Association Core Webinar Series. July 19, 2023. 

Nyitray, K.J. & Reijerkerk, D. "Librarian Mentorship through Mutual Scholarship: An Approach to Foster Higher Morale and Strengthen Collegiality." ACRL/NY Professional Development Committee Fall 2022 Program. September 30, 2022. 

Other Instruction

Internship site supervisor, HIS 488 and and independent graduate student internship for metadata remediation

Mentor for 3 undergraduate students (various semesters)



Selected: 2019 - Present

Professional Service

  • 2023: Member, WorldFAIR Project Cultural Heritage Image Sharing WG, Digital Repository of Ireland
  • 2023 - Present: Coordinator, Ad hoc for Digitization Costs Survey, DLF AIG Costs Assessment Subgroup
  • 2022 - Present: Member, Ad Hoc for the DLF Blog, DLF Assessment Interest Group (AIG) Metadata Assessment WG
  • 2022: Manuscript editor. Alicia Puglionesi's In Whose Ruins: Power, Possession, and Landscapes of American Empire (Scriber: 2022)
  • 2020 - 2021: Conference proposal reviewer, Access Library Technology Conference
  • 2020 - 2021: Co-Chair, Code4Lib Virtual Conference Keynote Committee
  • 2020 - 2021: Member, Ad Hoc for Remote Site Visits and Transfers, DLF Born-Digital Access Working Group
  • 2019 - Present: Permanent reviewer, International Journal of Librarianship (5 reviews)

Stony Brook University Service

  • 2021-2024: Departmental Senator (elected), University Senate and College of Arts and Sciences Senate
  • 2021-2022: Mentor, Asian American and Pacific Islander Mentorship Program (2 students)

Stony Brook University Libraries Service

  • 2023: Member (appointed), Dryad Repository Implementation Team
  • 2022 - 2023: Co-Chair (elected), Faculty Executive Committee
  • 2021: Co-Chair, Liaison Program Assessment Ad Hoc
  • 2021: Member, Digital Humanities Working Group
  • 2020: Liaison to FEC, Faculty Affairs Guide Working Group Ad Hoc
  • 2020 - 2022: Member (appointed), Ad Hoc Working Group for the DSpace Repository Refresh and Migration
  • 2020 - 2022: Member (elected), Faculty Executive Committee
  • 2020 - 2021: Member, Virtual Presence Steering Group, Ad Hoc for A-Z Database List and LibGuides Improvement
  • 2020 - 2022: Member (appointed), Virtual Presence Steering Group
  • 2019 - 2020: Member (appointed), Assessment Librarian Search Committee