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MFA BFA Creative Writing/Literature

Guide to creative fiction and nonfiction at SBU Libraries


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Social Sciences Library Team
Email: Members: Sarah Batchelder, Jennifer Devito, Chris Kretz, Jamie Saragossi, Gisele Schierhorst.

Manual typewriter loaded with a blank sheet of paper on a table with a large window in the background through which are visible trees and green grass.This guide is to help you navigate library resources to find the information and inspiration you need - whether that's to write, to teach writing, or to catch up on your own reading.

Use the menu above to get started. If you're not sure where to start or are having trouble, email me or use the Ask Us button to chat with the library. 

- Need to get something we don't have? 

- Want to check up on current literary journals?

- Interested in what MFA Faculty and Alumni have written?

- Looking for writing inspiration or publishing help?