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Impact Factors, Cited References, H-Index and Journal Abbreviations

Find all of the articles citing a specific paper/article.

Helpful hints

Helpful hints for searching

1-       Many publishers offer keyword searching of reference lists. 

2-      Most cited reference searches only index the 1st author.  The Web of Science indexes all article authors.

3-      Keep in mind that citing authors may have typed the journal name, year, or volume # incorrectly.

4-      Try combining the cited reference search data from 2 or more databases.

5-      Use truncation symbols to search for variants.

Basics of Cited Reference Searching

1.  Search library databases that include all references that cite an article.  This guide lists all of the library databases that search for citing references.

2.  Search more than one database.  Anyone performing a cited reference search needs to start with the Web of Science.  However, the Web of Science does not index all articles so you will want to include other databases to find articles that may have cited the article but are not indexed by the Web of Science.  Google Scholar is a great resource for finding citing articles.

3.  Compare the lists of citing articles to remove duplicates.

4.  Search for variations.  Articles can be cited incorrectly, that is, the wrong date is attributed to an article or the author's name is either mispelled or is missing an initial.  The Web of Science cited reference search is a great place to start.  Type in an author's name and include an * to replace perhaps the middle initial.