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Impact Factors, Cited References, H-Index and Journal Abbreviations

Find all of the articles citing a specific paper/article.

About the H-Index

The h-index was developed by J.E. Hirsch and published in PNAS 102 (46): 16569-16572 November 15 2005.

The h-index is based on a list of publications ranked in descending order by the Times Cited. The value of h is equal to the number of papers (N) in the list that have N or more citations.

This metric is useful because it discounts the disproportionate weight of highly cited papers or papers that have not yet been cited. 

Finding an Author's H-Index in Web of Science

  • From SBU Library homepage click on Databases, then click on W.
  • Click on Web of Science.
  • On Search page, enter last name and first initial of author, setting ‘in’ tab on right to 'Author'.
  • Click Search.
  • Refine results as necessary on the left.
  • Click Create Citation Report in upper right of Results pane.
  • H-index is given in the summary information to the right of the graph.


More Information

For more information and to look for an h-index using Scopus or Publish or Perish link to this Univ. of Michigan Guide.