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Impact Factors, Cited References, H-Index and Journal Abbreviations

Find all of the articles citing a specific paper/article.

Searching Impact Factors

Comparing Impact Factors

  • Compare Journal Impact Factors within the same subject category
  • Click on Category Data for a journal
    •   Compare journal impact factor with the Median Impact Factor  the associated subject.

Impact Factors Explained

Facts about Impact Factors

  • Impact Factors are only calculated for journals (not articles or researchers).
  • Impact Factors are calculated by:   
    • selecting a JCR year
    • adding the total # of citations to all items published in the two previous years that were cited in the JCR year
    • divided by the total # of citable items (articles, reviews, and proceedings) published in that two previous years 
  • Impact factors are only available from Journal Citation Reports (JCR).
  • Not every journal has an impact factor.
    • Only journals indexed ISI Citation Indexes.
  • Many subject areas in science and social science are covered in JCR. 


Google Scholar Journal Metrics

Google Scholar has added a Metrics tool to the site which includes citation count information for many journal titles.  Click here to search Google Metrics by journal title.