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Dental Medicine: Evidence-Based Dentistry

Electronic and print resources for dental medicine and related fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Evidence-Based Dentistry Definition

The American Dental Association Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry Definition of EBD:

Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is an approach to oral healthcare that requires the judicious integration of systematic assessments of clinically relevant scientific evidence, relating to the patient's oral and medical condition and history, with the dentist's clinical expertise and the patient's treatment needs and preferences. 

By saying "relating to the patient's oral and medical condition and history", this definition takes a patient-centered approach to treatment decisions. It is important to understand that EBD is an approach to practice, an approach to making clinical decisions, and is just one component used to arrive at the best treatment decision.

 EBD is about providing personalized dental care based on the most current scientific knowledge.

The Evidence Pyramid