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Stony Brook University

COLLECTIONS: Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interlibrary loan (ILL)?
Interlibrary loan is a service through which you have access to material not owned by Stony Brook University Libraries.

What is ILLiad?
ILLiad is the online system used to request material through interlibrary loan.  ILLiad is an acronym for InterLibrary Loan internet accessible database.

Who can use ILL services?
Interlibrary loan services are offered to current Stony Brook University students, faculty and staff.  

How do I place an interlibrary loan request?
You can place a request using ILLiad.  Log in to your ILLiad account using your NetID and password. Enter the citation information and submit.  Don't have a NetID and password

How long will it take for the requested item to arrive?
Generally, it takes 2-10 days for material to arrive.  Depending on the type of material requested and the availability, it may take longer.

Where can I pick up my material?
If you are based in Stony Brook (West campus), you may pick up your material in the Interlibrary Loan office at the Melville Library.  The office is located on the 3rd floor, room S-3410.
If you are are a Health Sciences patron, your material will be available at the Health Sciences Library, located on the 3rd floor in the Health Sciences Tower.
Southampton patrons will pick up their material at the Southampton Library.  Patrons of MASIC and at the Manhattan campus may pick up their material at those locations.  You must be a registered user at MASIC, Manhattan or Southampton to have material sent to those locations.

How will I  know when items are available?
Generally, you will be alerted via email.  It's important to be sure your email address is accurate in your ILLiad account.  ILL staff may also phone you to pick up your items.  Stony Brook University students, faculty and staff must use an SBU email address as the email of record.

How long is the lending period?
The length of the loan is determined by the lending library.  It can vary from 4-8 weeks.  It can also be cut short if the item is recalled.

Can material be renewed?
Requests for renewal can be submitted through ILLiad or by contacting the ILL department.  Note: The decision to allow the renewal lies with the lending library, not with the ILL department.  Check your ILLiad account to see if your request has been approved and what the new due date is.  Do not assume that because you requested a renewal, it will be granted.

How can I view the articles/book chapters I've requested online?
Once you have been alerted that the material has arrived, log in to your ILLiad account.  Click on Electronically Received Articles from the menu on the left side of the screen.  Save or print your electronically received articles because they are available for only 30 days.

Can I request a textbook through Interlibrary Loan?
No.  The Interlibrary Loan department will not process requests for textbooks.  Interlibrary Loan is meant to provide short term access to materials not held at the Stony Brook University Libraries.  Print material can take 8-10 days to be delivered and the loan period is usually 3-4 weeks.  Many academic libraries will not loan textbooks through interlibrary loan.  Purchasing textbooks is an expected cost of a college education.

What happens if I lose or damage an item that was interlibrary loaned for me?
If you lose or damage an item you have borrowed, you may be responsible for the repair or replacement of that item.  The lending library will send a bill which will then be added to your account.  ILL borrowing privileges will be suspended until the balance has been paid.

Is there a limit to how many items I can request?
The number of active interlibrary loan requests will depend on patron status.  ILL requests in excess of the stated limit will not be filled until borrowed material is returned.  Please plan accordingly. Please speak to Interlibrary Loan department staff if you require special consideration regarding these limits.

  • Faculty: 100
  • Graduate students: 50
  • Undergraduate students and staff: 20

Patrons are asked to submit no more than 10 ILL requests a day

If you have a large number of ILL or Document Delivery requests to submit, please contact the Interlibrary Loan department to discuss your needs and any copyright considerations.

What is a Document Delivery request?
Document Delivery is a service offered to faculty, staff, students on the Southampton and Manhattan campuses and registered graduate students who are working out of state.  Submit a Document Delivery request for material that is available in our collection.

Who can use Document Delivery services?

  • Faculty and staff 
  • Currently registered Stony Brook Southampton and Stony Brook Manhattan students
  • Registered graduate/post-doctoral students doing fieldwork out of state/out of country
  • Currently registered Distance Education students
  • Other currently registered Main campus students only when the material requested comes from off-site storage and/or Stony Brook Southampton.

This service is not available to alumni, special borrowers, friends, relatives, spouses of Stony Brook University faculty, staff or students.  Document Delivery requests will not be processed for patrons with excessive fines, blocks on their Library account or with an expired ID.

How do I submit a Document Delivery request?
Document Delivery requests are submitted through ILLiad, using the New Request link. Enter the proper call number. 

What can be requested through Document Delivery?
Copies of journal articles and book chapters (up to 60 pages) will be scanned and delivered electronically. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot scan multiple chapters of books published from 1923 to present.

How do I reach the Interlibrary Loan offices?
There are interlibrary loan offices located at the Melville Library and at the Health Science Library.  You can reach the ILL office at the Melville Library at 631.632.7133 or at

Is there a charge for interlibrary loan?
Stony Brook University Libraries does not charge for interlibrary loan.

Is is possible to let someone else use my interlibrary loan account?
No.  Interlibrary loan services are for Stony Brook University students, faculty and staff.  Misuse of the account will result in loss of privileges.