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Stony Brook University

COLLECTIONS: Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

Patron Responsibilities

It is important to respect the policies of the lending institutions.  Failure to do so can negatively impact Stony Brook University Library’s relationship with lending libraries and make future borrowing difficult.

Overdue items: Patrons are expected to adhere to the policies of the lending institution. If an item is overdue, the borrower’s Interlibrary Loan privileges will be suspended until the material is returned and the accompanying fines are paid.

Lost/damaged items: If an item borrowed through Interlibrary Loan is lost or damaged, the borrower is responsible for the replacement cost and any associated fees.  The cost and the fees are determined by the lending institution.  The borrower’s Interlibrary Loan privileges will be suspended until the fees have been paid.  Items that are significantly overdue will be classified as lost.   

Recalled material: Occasionally, the lending period for an item is cut short whe the item is recalled by the lending institution.  When a recall notice is received, you must return the book within one week.  Failure to do so may result in fines and suspension of ILL privileges.

Conditional use: A lending library may institute conditions on borrowing, such as that an item must be used in the library or cannot be photocopied. It is important to adhere to the conditions set by the lending institution.

Patrons are responsible for ensuring their contact information (email and phone number) is current in their accounts.


Delivery of items

Users will be notified via email when requested material is ready for pick up.  Material will be held for two weeks.

Electronic material is delivered directly to your SBU email address. You have 30 days to view or download articles before they are removed from the system.  Please print or save electronically delivered material. Requests for material already provided will not be processed.

Please note that the ILL department will not download and print electronically delivered material on your behalf.