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Stony Brook University

Chinese Culinary History

Resources for the study of Chinese culinary history, featuring the Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection, a special collection at Stony Brook University.

Audio and Visual Resources

There are an increasing number of excellent web sites that have audio-visual primary source material.

Internet Archive: audio-visual material that can be searhed for primary sources. 

YouTube: great resource for finding speeches and historic news items.

VHS and DVDs

  • Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, P. R. China. (2006). Chinese Food Culture. China: CAV TV Programming Co. Ltd. (VHS)
  • ​Butterick Publishing & Maclean Hunter Learning Resources. (1981). Chinese American culture & cuisine. New York, NY: Maclean Hunter Learning Resources. (Filmstrip)
  • Ding, W., Li, X., Zhuang, L., Shu, J., Zheng, D., Yu, H., Li, K., ... China. (2004). Zhongguo yin shi wen hua: Chinese food culture. Beijing: Zhonghua ren min gong he guo wen hua bu dui wai wen hua lian luo ju. (DVD)
  • Li, Y., Sun, T., Guangzhou yin xiang chu ban she., & Guangzhou qiao jia ren wen hua chuan bo you xian gong si. (2006). Yin shi: Cha = Chinese cuisine; Chinese tea.  Guangzhou Shi: Guangzhou yin xiang chu ban she. (DVD).

Grace Young: How to Season a Wok

Jennifer 8 Lee: Who was General Tso?