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Stony Brook University

George Washington and the Culper Spy Ring

Research Materials about George Washington, the Culper Spy Ring, and the American Revolutionary War

Codes & Aliases

Access the four pages and transcription of Benjamin Tallmadge's numerical dictionary at the 
official website of George Washington's Mount Vernon.

Access a letter (July 25, 1779) written by Benjamin Tallmadge to George Washington about a "Scheme for carrying on the Correspondence in future with C——(Culper, numerical dictionary) at Founders Online. 

  • George Washington: code number 711
  • Benjamin Tallmadge: alias John Bolton, code number 721
  • Abraham Woodhull: alias Samuel Culper Senior, code number 722
  • Robert Townsend: alias Samuel Culper Junior, code number 723
  • Austin Roe: code number 724
  • Caleb Brewster: code number 725
  • James Rivington: code number 726
  • New York: code number 727
  • Long Island: code number 728
  • Setauket: code number 729