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Stony Brook University

SBU Libraries - Strategic Plan 2024

A place for news and updates related to the strategic planning process of Stony Brook University Libraries, 2024- 2029.

What We've Accomplished

Our strategic planning timeline is moving along. Here is what we have accomplished thus far.

Data collection

  • Data collection for peer benchmarking
  • Data collection for our self-study

Initial Focus Groups

  • Monday, April 17th, 4 pm - 5 pm, SBU students
  • Tuesday, April 25, 11 am - 12 pm, Campus community (sans students)
  • Wednesday, April 26th, 12 pm - 1 pm, Library Staff/Faculty

Strategic Planning Forums and Community Updates

  • Update - School of Medicine Senate Committee - June 27th - virtual
  • Forum 1 - Library Community - July 13th - in person
  • Forum 1.1 - Library Community - July 18th - virtual
  • Forum 2 - East Campus Students - August 17th -in person
  • Forum 3 - West Campus Students - September 6th - in person
  • Update/feedback - SBU USG - September 7th - in person
  • Update/feedback - Library Senate Committee - September 8th - virtual
  • Forum 4 - Library Community - September 8th - virtual
  • Forum 5 - SBU Community - September 12th - in person
  • Forum 5.1 - SBU Community - September 14th - virtual
  • Forum 6 - SBU East Campus Community - September 14th - virtual
  • Update - SBU GSO - September 20th - in person

Community Feedback Survey

SBU Libraries released a Qualtrics survey outlining the strategic plan, including the Mission, Vision, Themes, and Priorities, to the SBU Community. The survey was sent via email, social media, and various campus broadcasts on October 13, 2023 and closed October 25, 2023. In total, 336 surveys were started, 74 of which were not completed.

Vision Statement

The Libraries' strategic planning committee work on the self-study guided the writing of the SBU Libraries Vision statement.

  • The final Vision statement was edited after receiving feedback from our colleagues.

Mission Statement

While considering our updated vision, our current mission statement screamed out for revision. We aimed to write a current, short, meaningful, and impactful mission statement.

  • Researching, brainstorming, and draft created for a new mission statement
    • ChaptGPT was used for summarization
      • The final draft was written from that summarization
  • The final Mission statement was edited after receiving feedback from our colleagues.


  • The strategic planning committee wrote four priorities or goals, that will enable us to achieve our mission and realize our vision. These are subject to change as we learn from the feedback we receive from our colleagues and SBU community.