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Stony Brook University

SBU Libraries - Strategic Plan 2024

A place for news and updates related to the strategic planning process of Stony Brook University Libraries, 2024- 2029.


Karim, Victoria (executive committee) | debrief every week

Planning Committee | Every week, 60 minutes

Methods & Tools


  • F2F meetings
  • Zoom
  • Email
  • Surveys
  • Forums

Project Management

  • Google Suite and add-ons:
    • Sheets
      • timeline
    • Slides
    • Docs
    • Jamboard

AI/Chat GPT usage

  • Ideation
  • Summarization
  • Document comparison - get the commonalities
  • Translation
  • Create multiple-choice questions
  • Analyze sentiment and tone
  • Prompting: use role/persona when you prompt
    • Act as a student to check what they need from the library

What We Considered

Our strategic plan is also a strategic direction that inspires our objectives. We considered broad-themed priorities to help the libraries meet the current requirements of our community by using our expertise and experience. These goals sit within our overarching themes that are incorporated in all of our work: diversity, equity, inclusion, & accessibility; leadership; and infrastructure (technology and facilities).

Based on what we learned from feedback, we strive to build a stable, supportive, and inspiring workplace for our people in the libraries.