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Stony Brook University

Psychological Tests & Instruments

Provides explanations, search tips, and other advice for locating and using psychological and educational instruments.

Contacting Authors & Publishers

o Published/Commercial tests are usually available for purchase through a test publisher.

o Unpublished tests are not commercially sold and are often found in journal articles or books.

o If an instrument is available full text in a published source (i.e., journal article, book, dissertation) you must obtain permission from the author or copyright owner to use the instrument in a research project.

To find the instrument author's "institutional affiliation":

  • In a book: look for the author’s institution or e-mail address within the text pertaining to the instrument; in a "contributors" section at the front or back of the book; or in biographical information on the cover, back side, or first few pages of the book
  • In a journal article: look for contact information within a note on the first or last page of the article
  • When contact information isn't available or is outdated, use Google or another search engine to locate the author

An alternative is to contact the publisher. Here are some of the largest test publishers in the U.S.: