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Stony Brook University

Psychological Tests & Instruments

Provides explanations, search tips, and other advice for locating and using psychological and educational instruments.


In Education and Psychology, "instruments" are questionnaires and other items that are used to study human attitudes or behaviors. They are sometimes called "measures," "scales," "surveys," or "tests." 

Finding educational/psychological instruments is one of the most challenging research skills for teachers and clinicians to learn. There could be hundreds of instruments available, depending on the people you want to study and what you want to learn about them. Also, some creators publish their instruments in books and journal articles. Others have sold their ownership to publishing companies, and now the publishers distribute (sell) the instruments.

No database provides free, full-text copies of every instrument, but this guide can help.



Note: This guide was adapted from the "Educational and Psychological Instruments" Guide at Penn State University Libraries and the "Tests and Measures" Guide at University of Connecticut Library