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Stony Brook University

Scoping Review Guide

This guide covers all of the information you need to know in order to prepare for and conduct a scoping review.

What is a Scoping Review?

Scoping reviews are a "preliminary assessment of potential size and scope of available research literature.  Scoping reviews aim to identify the nature and extent of research evidence (usually including ongoing research)." (Grant and Booth 2009). 

Scoping Reviews are best: When a body of literature has not yet been comprehensively reviewed, or exhibits a large, complex, or heterogeneous nature not amenable to a more precise systematic review. They are used to map existing literature in terms of nature, features, and volume. Scoping reviews clarify working definitions and conceptual boundaries of a topic or field and identify gaps in existing literature/research. (Peters M, Godfrey C, Khalil H, et al) Scoping reviews may be used as the precursor to a systematic review. (Munn et al., 2018)