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This guide is designed to help students in the School of Professional Development with their research.

Where To Start?

The purpose of this guide is to help students find appropriate materials for doing graduate level research.

The tabs at the top will help with the following:

  • Find Articles - scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed, popular, and news articles on your research topic.
  • Find Books - print and eBooks related to your topic.
  • Where Can I Find...? Where to look for the type of information you need.
  • What Do I Do When...? Ways to resolve various search problems.
  • Research Tutorials - Interactive and video tutorials to help you with your research.
  • Citation/Plagiarism - tools and sites that help with handling citation.
  • Educational Leadership Program - recommended databases for doing research in educational leadership.
  • Higher Education Administration - selected eJournals elevant to the Higher Education Administration (HEA) program. You can also search for a specific journal title.
  • Human Resources - selected eJournals titles and databases relevant to the Human Resources program. You can also search for additional titles.
  • Recorded Sessions - SPD/HEA recorded workshop sessions.

The Chronicle of Higher Education


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Off-Campus Access

Use your NetID and password to access library resources when off-campus.

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