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Research Paper Help

The videos and other resources on this guide are designed to help you learn more about the research process. Learn about how to refine your topic, structure an effective search, use a database record, search on the open web, cite your sources, and more.

Introduction: Your Research Process

screenshot of a blank word document

What is your research process? Writing a research paper is time consuming, challenging, and messy. As soon as you think you are headed in the right direction, you might read something that changes your mind about your topic, your argument, or both. But the experience can also be fascinating and rewarding -- learning how to find the right information at the right moment can actually be exciting and, sometimes, life-changing. Research and writing processes can vary from person to person, but these processes always inform and influence each other, impacting how you understand, analyze, and communicate your unique take on a topic. Progress can feel slow, but all the work you do helps to support your final product.

The resources in this guide are designed to help direct and support you as you try out different ways to search for and evaluate information. Ultimately, your search journey will be your own, but these materials might help inform your path to a research paper you can feel good about.