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Stony Brook University

Women's History Month Colloquium Series: Managing Power & Load: A Primer for Working Women

Managing Power & Load: A Primer for Working Women

March 9, 2017, 1:00-2:00

Patricia Aceves                                                                              Displaying Aceves Headshot .jpg


Drawing upon educational psychologist Howard McClusky's theory of Power-Load-Margin, this talk discusses the idea that busy working adults are constantly juggling "load" (bills, work, stress, caregiving, illness) and "power" with which to manage that load (financial security, education, health, faith, support structures). Working women may find themselves with vulnerable margins and little room for taking on additional load. Research on the theory of margin examines the ways in which we can gain power and provide a greater safety net for taking on greater load. This interactive talk will engage attendees with an existing Margin in Life scale and discuss whether the instrument is appropriate for use with 21st Century working women. 

Patricia's career began 17+ years ago, developing quality online programs for adult learners; today her work with adult learners continues as she leads a team of professionals in faculty development for teaching, learning & technology.  On a daily basis Patricia is involved in faculty development, policy and strategic planning, fiscal management and leading staff in a common goal of service. Patricia launched the first Stony Brook Women's Leadership Symposium and serves as the institutional rep and regional coordinator for the New York ACE Women's Network. She's also been an AAUW member for over 20 years.