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A guide to #podcasting resources in support of the MFA Podcasting Fellowship

Producing a Podcast

Whatever metaphor for podcasting you want to use (audio on demand, new media, your own radio show), it comes down to an audio file with an associated RSS feed delivering serialized content. There are many ways to record and host that content - varying in their complexity, cost, and overall quality. Below are some resources to guide you through the process.

Editing Software

No matter what device you record on, editing of your final audio file is important - helping you even out sound levels, reduce noise, and increase the quality of the final product.

Hosting Services

Hosting services will store your audio files online and generate an RSS feed for your podcast. Pricing will vary, usually based on the amount of content uploaded per month. 

Directories and Apps

Many directories/podcasting apps draw directly from Apple Podcasts so once you are in Apple, you will reach a number of other places. The others listed below require you to submit an RSS feed to them individually.

Microphones, Recorders, and Getting Good Sound

Recording options range from a laptop or mobile phone up to multi-channel mixers and digital audio recorders. Microphones come in a similar scale of simple to advanced, low cost to high end. Your choices will depend on your budget and the type of content you're recording.

These resources review the equipment and also provide tips on the recording process itself.