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Stony Brook University

AP Biology: Guest Printing and Photocopy

Resources for AP Biology Library Session

Printing as a Guest

Public can print from the North Reading Room and Central Reading Room computers.

  1. Purchase a Wolfie Wallet Visitor Card from the 3rd Floor Main Stacks machine or 1st Floor Central Reading Room machine.
  2. When printing from a computer in Central or North Reading Room, click on mainq_guest.
  3. Enter the 9 digit ID number located on the Wolfie Wallet Visitor card.
  4. Enter a password of your choice for the print job.
  5. Go to the printer release station located by the printer.
  6. Swipe the Wolfie Wallet Visitor card.
  7. Card cost $1 to purchase.
  8. Cost is 5 cents per single-sided and 8 cents for double-sided.

Photocopy as a Guest

Photocopy Services provides copiers for the public use throughout the Melville Library and the Library Branches. There are 13 copiers: 2 in the Central Reading Room, 3 in the Engineering and Science Library, 1 in the Music Library, 1 in Special Collections, 3 in the Photocopy Center located in the Third Floor Stacks Area, 1 in the Chemistry Library, 1 in the Math/Physics/Astronomy Library and 1 in the Marine and Atmospheric Science Information Center.

  • Copies are 10 ¢ per copy. All copiers reduce and enlarge.
  • Copy cards may be purchased from the Central Reading Room Card machine. Located to the right as you enter the Central Reading Room.
  • Card costs $1 to purchase.