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Resources for AP Biology Library Session

Finding too much information?

Try refining your topic/search by:

invertebrate aquatic animals
aquatic animals of the Long Island Sound
Developmental stage
aquatic animal larvae
aquatic animal gills
fresh water aquatic animals
Additional topic
aquatic animal physiology
Cellular or Metabolic Process
aquatic animal respiration

Searching for information on your topic

  • Define and refine your topic.
    •    Narrow or broaden your search.
  • Formulate your research questions.
    •  Factual Questions- You may need to investigate some factual questions before you begin your research. Some examples:   What does pH mean? What is the difference between abiotic and biotic factors?
    •  Research Questions – What do you want to know about your topic? Is your question researchable and answerable?
  • Identify library resources.
  • Find information on your topic.
  • Cite your sources.