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Creating and Using Your ORCID Profile: Home

This guide will demonstrate how to create, manage, import and export from your ORCID profile. ORCID allows you to create a unique author identifier for yourself to specifically identify your publications.

Why Use ORCiD?

  1. Offers a unique author identifier that is widely used and recognized
    • Some pay-for-use databases (WoS, Scopus) have AuIDs for the articles they index only
    • Others like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, PubMed don’t have AuIDs
  2. Allows an author to easily collect ALL their publications from multiple sources
    • WoS, Scopus, PubMed only have their specific set of indexed journals
    • Google Scholar, ResearchGate do this but don’t meet criteria 1 or 3
  3. Can be imported directly into NIH/NSF’s SciENcv Biosketches NOW
    • No other external, non-government funding agency sources available
    • This may change in the future, but right now, ORCiD is the only option.

What is ORCID

Additional ORCID Videos and Presentations:

ORCiD Central Point


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