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Stony Brook University

An Undergraduate's Guide to Funding and Publishing Research

This guide is designed for undergraduate students who are looking for research opportunities as an extension of or in addition to their coursework.

Journals that publish undergraduate research

There are many journals that focus specifically on publishing undergraduate research. The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) keeps an ever growing list of journals that feature undergraduate work. However, many of those listed by CUR are hosted by a specific institution and might only publish the work of their own students, and others might not be peer-reviewed or have publishing fees, so read the descriptions carefully. And, as always, carefully review each journal's website, published articles, and the author submission guidelines before submitting your work.

Below is a list of selected journals that SBU undergraduates are eligible to submit to, organized into the following categories:

  • Broad Scope: Journals that publish research in any disciplinary area.
  • Arts and Humanities: Fields such as Art History, Classics, English, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, History, Musicology, Philosophy, Theology, and Writing & Rhetoric. Sometimes History-related fields are also classified as a Social Science, but on this page, most history journals are in the Arts & Humanities category.
  • Social Sciences: Fields such as Sociology, Psychology, Economics, International Affairs, Geography, Sustainability, Political Science, and Human Rights are included here.
  • STEM: Fields in the hard sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Broad Scope: Journals that publish research in any discipline

Arts and Humanities

Social Sciences

STEM Fields